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Septic Tank Installations & Storm Sewer Repairs in the Chatham-Kent Region

Does the septic tank or a slow-running drain on your property give off a foul odour? These could be signs of serious damage or malfunction, and are a good warning sign for issues like sewage backup. Pumping may be overdue for the tank, and the drain may be blocked.

Experienced professionals can help you figure out the problem most efficiently. Call Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc. for an inspection of your septic system. We check drains using CCTVs, intervene with timely repairs, and replace and install parts and accessories. Our services also include septic system design and installations.

Sanitary and Storm Sewer Repairs and Installations

At Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc., we handle repairs and installations of sanitary sewers and storm sewers. We have the necessary heavy equipment, including trench boxes, and use proper grade insulated concrete and asphalt.


Our services include HDPE storm sewer installations, replacing residential storm sewers, installing commercial sanitary sewers with manholes, completing storm sewer tie-ins to check flooding, and retrofitting septic tank riser installations.

Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc. Is Proud to Offer the Singulair R3® System to Its Clients


Schedule an Inspection

If you need your septic tank or sewer line checked for damage, look no further.

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