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 Dependable Hydro Excavation and Flushing in Chatham-Kent and the Surrounding Areas

If you have to work on a piece of land without causing harm to subsurface utilities, hydro excavation is the ideal option. It is a cost-efficient technique that uses pressurized water to remove soil and reveal deeper layers of the ground. An excavation truck sucks the mud slurry from the ground and reveals pipelines and other underground lines intact. The process does not use any mechanical tools for excavation, which may damage these utilities.

Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc. offers hydro excavation and high-pressure flushing services for efficient daylighting.

Hydrovac systems can be applied at many different worksites, either for repairs, inspections or construction processes. They are used for:

Installing lines, poles or signs
Removing debris
Daylighting and finding utilities installed deep within the ground
Potholing and trenching
Inspection, repair and rehabilitation of sewage systems
Trenching and slot trenching

Flushing & Cleaning

Regular flushing and cleaning services help keep water lines and wastewater management systems clean and clear of debris. We clean drains and sewers using different kinds of sewer nozzles, high volume pumps and competent techniques to control water flow and pressure.


Schedule Hydro Excavation

We can help you with this unique technique that uses pressurized water for excavation.

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