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Meticulous Waterproofing Services in the

Chatham-Kent Region

Professionally installed waterproofing helps to secure and safeguard your property from moisture-related damage, including water leaks. Foolproof waterproofing is essential, especially in areas with high precipitation, because constant seepage does not just breed mould; it can result in the weakening of the entire building structure.

Our professionals from Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc. offer professional waterproofing services for leaking basements.  After a thorough inspection, we fix leaky basements and install new storm drains with bracing. We work on cracked parging, drainage boards and rubber membranes, and apply tar on walls wherever necessary to prevent dampness. Whether you need waterproofing services for the foundation, walls, roof, floors, or ceiling of your residential or commercial property, we’ve got you covered.

Basement Wall Repair

No More Leaking Basement

With our waterproofing services, your basement is free of moisture.

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