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About Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc.

With a history of service going back three decades, we at Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc. feel confident that we can cater to the Chatham and Kent communities’s unique needs. Our clients the Chatham-Kent region keep coming back because of our knowledgeable staff, quality customer service, dependable results, and our pricing, which is unmatched by any competitor. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Our History

Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc. was first established in 1994 by Lloyd Wright of Chatham, Ontario. The current owner Eugene Hoekstra and his late partner, Andrew Molengraaf, then purchased the company in 2000 with plans to expand the services.


Incorporating in 2004 and with the help of his two sons, Darryl and Jordan, and over 30 years of experience, Eugene has grown the company to be one of the top and most reliable excavation companies in the area.


A company that started with three pieces of equipment and four employees has grown its versatility to 12 pieces of equipment and a range of equipment operators, labourers and truck drivers today.

Safety Protocols

At Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc., we have a reputation for making the safety and security of our workers a primary concern. While our team will always endeavour to provide services of the highest quality standards, we believe that no achievement is ever worth the risk of serious injury.


We also support a policy of continuous training to ensure that all workers are kept abreast of the most current safety protocols about the use of their equipment or their general working environment.

The Equipment We Use

Excavator (14 tonnes)
Excavator (22 tonnes)
Excavator (29 tonnes)
Excavator and packer (all sizes)
Excavator and breaker (all sizes)
Excavator and brusher (29 tonnes)
Bulldozer 550
Backhoe and packer
Backhoe and breaker
Skid steer
Skid steer and breaker
Skid steer and sweeper
Skid steer and soil conditioner
Remote skid steer (42" wide)
Mini excavator (4 tonne)
Mini excavator (6 tonne)
Mini excavator and breaker
Mini excavator (1.5 tonne) 42" wide
Loader (3 yd)
Hydrovac/flusher truck
Hydrovac truck (15 yd HXX)
Tri-axle dump truck
Tandem axle dump truck
Single axle dump truck
Float (50 ton)
Roller (36" wide) double smooth drum
Roller (84" wide) single smooth drum or sheepsfoot

*available for rent by the hour, day, week or month

Our Projects

Over the decades, Dig'R Wright Excavating Inc., has successfully completed countless projects in Chatham-Kent and the surrounding areas. From site demolitions and preparation to basement waterproofing, water line and drainage system repairs, storm drain installations and even heavy hauling.

We take great pride in the quality of our work. Browse through the gallery below to understand our services better.


Culvert Replacement

Ditch Cleanout

Hydraulic Brushing